Can I use the models and/or textures available at CC0 Archviz in a commercial project?

Yes! All the models available are released under the CC0 license, what means you can use them for whatever you wanted, commercial or not.


Can I include the models and/or textures in a product I sell?

Sure. All models and textures available here can be sold, but it’s important no notice that you can’t claim to be their original author or distribute them under a different license. We advise you to make it clear to your customers that some parts of the content you’re selling are free and in public domain.

Since there are no strings attached to all the content available here, you don’t have to pay any kind of fees but it would help a lot if you consider supporting our work on Patreon.


How can I use these models on my favorite software?

Most of 3D software (if not all of them) have an “import” option that allows you to import models in different file formats. Currently, we release all of our models in the three major file formats: .FBX, .OBJ and .DAE.


I need a model that isn’t available. Can you make it for me?

Of course. We plan to create as many models as we can, but if you need a specific model right now send us an email (hello@cc0archviz.com) and we can talk about it.


Do you plan to make the models available in more file formats?

Yes. We plan to release them as SketchUp files, perhaps even 3DS Max and Cinema 4D, but since we need money to buy the licenses we can only do this if people like you consider supporting us on Patreon.


Can I use these models and/or textures for my Unreal Engine 4 or Unity projects?

Yes but keep in mind that most of our models have a high polycount and don’t have a lightmap UV. We strongly advise you to consider using low-poly models if you care about performance.


Do you plan to make models for Unreal Engine 4 or Unity?

Yes, of course. We know real-time rendering is a big deal in archviz these days and we would love to help you to create amazing real-time experiences, but making high-quality assets require better computers and for this, we need your help.