About the designs

Most of our models are created based on existing designs. Their copyrights belongs entirely to their respective owners and trademarks. We create and distribute them completely free of charge with the single purpose of helping architects and CG artists to include them and their images and projects. We do not intend to do any harm to their creators or copyright owners.

We want to make it clear that the CC0 license is only aplicable to the models, not the designs.

If you want your product being removed from our website, please contact us and we’ll remove it immediately.

About the models

All the models and their textures available on this website are released under the CC0 license.

If you are not familiar with Open Source licenses, it means you can:

  • Use the models and/or textures for any purpose, even commercial projects, completely for free;
  • Modify the models and/or textures as you wish;
  • Redistribute the models and/or textures, send them to your friends and even include them in any commercial product;
  • Use the models and/or the textures without giving credit.

But you can’t:

  • Re-license the models and/or the textures;
  • Claim to be the original author of the models and/or the textures.

You can read all the details about the CC0 License on this link.